It is an emerging branch in Ayurveda and the department of the institute has the distinction of being a pioneer post graduate centre in South India. The department provides quality education and trains scholars in research skills. Medical and psychiatric care is provided for the patients with complex problems that are beyond the treatment skills of general Ayurveda physician. Demonstrated evaluation and judgment skills in making appropriate decisions regarding prevention & treatment to deliver complete care for the health seekers are carried out with care. Separate unit of 25 beds in the in-patient department of the hospital is established to deal with the psycho- social illness such as abuse & psychiatric illness through unique Satvavajaya management.


Eternal Science for mental health


  • To provide quality Ayurveda education and health service in area of mental health
  • Training the scholars to teach Ayurvedapsychiatry in academia
  • Train the scholars for family counseling, student counseling, etc.
  • To impart research culture in ancient and modern medical science for better health outcome