Agada Tantra is one of the Astangas of Ayurveda, dealing with toxicology. With advancement of health sciences, relationship between toxins and health has been scientifically proved. Hence Agada Tantra branch becomes highly relevant in today’s context by providing better options in the management of various toxic conditions. Cumulative toxicity deals with accumulation of poison in the body through everyday consumption of unhealthy food, unprocessed and junk foods. It becomes a mandatory measure to understand it for better approach in management.


“A comprehensive approach to manage cumulative toxicity”


  • Prepare the graduates and specialists to manage the condition of cumulative toxicity
  • Training the scholars to teach Ayurveda toxicologyand medical jurisprudence in academia
  • Exploring the unexplored areas of research in Ayurvedictoxicology medical jurisprudence

Research Projects Completed

Sl. No. Investigators Title Funding agency
1 Dr. Chaitra H
Associate Professor
Dept. of Agada Tantra Avam
Vidhi Vaidyaka
A Survey on Traditional Practices of Snake Bite Management in Hassan District of Karnataka Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Bengaluru
2 Dr Nataraj H R
Dr Suresh RM
Dr Chennaveerappa
Dr Gopikrishna S
Evaluation of Efficacy and Safety of AYUSH 64 as
Adjunct Treatment to Standard Care for the management of Mild to Moderate COVID-19
Patients- A Randomized, Open Label, Exploratory clinical study”




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