About the Hospital

SDM Ayurveda Hospital Hassan is an Ayurvedia treatment facility serving patients in-patient and on out-patient basis. Our well facilitated wellness centres and dedicated Ayurvedic doctors have sustained the reputation of this centre as one of the best Ayurvedic hospitals in the state. Alongside quality treatment, we provide comfortable accommodation and nutritious food that play a vital role in holistic healing of a patient.

Our uniquely designed wellness programs that we customise according to a patient’s requirements at reasonable rates have been the highlights of our accomplishment report.

FAQ for patients

What are the services provided in the Hospital?

Out Patient Care, In-Patient care and Wellness programs are offered.

What are the consultations timings?

9am to 8pm

Can one get prior appointment for consultation?

Yes, please contact the Hospital Office, the number is available on College website. Hospital No. 08172-256460

Is there any treatment for growth & development of children?

Yes, various treatment modalities are available for child health.

What is the admission procedure?

The client will require an ‘Admit Instruction Slip’ from a doctor of SDM Hospital to register for admission. A minimum amount will be collected as a deposit during admission based on the ward category, which will be adjusted during discharge.

What treatment is offered for life style disorders such as obesity?

Special Obesity Package based on Ahara- Vihara- Aushadha Specialized Ayurveda Treatment

What are the benefits of Swarnamruthaprashana?

Time tested immune booster & Memory booster.

What are the services provided for maintenance of Health?

A special unit Yogakshema for maintenance of Health is present within the campus where different packages are offered to enhance health and quality of life

Are special treatments available?

Special treatment for Women

Special treatment for common disease

Special treatment for surgical ailments

Special treatment for Eye/ ENT

Special treatment for Children

Special treatment for Cumulative Toxicity

Special treatment for Sexual disorders

Special treatment for Infertility to have Healthy offspring

Are food and accommodation facilities available?

For in-patients, full-time food and accommodation facilities are provided. For visitors, the same can be availed over enquiry.