The department is involved in imparting the application of concepts in diagnosis and planning treatment. It demonstrates evaluative & judgment skills in making appropriate decisions. The students are given enhanced professional prosperity through exposure to Gurukul tradition.

The post- graduation course started in 2010 with the sole objective of instilling expertise in holistic Ayurveda. Since then the department is a pioneer that is enabling the students to have a scientific understanding of the text with practical demonstration in all the areas of Ayurveda.

The department has established a unique research field named Manuscriptology, having over thousand Ayurveda manuscripts. Fully equipped manuscript laboratory and manuscript museum is unique and attracts research scholars from all over the globe.


“Ayurveda principles for well- being”


  • Prepare the graduates and specialists to cater to understand core principles of Ayurveda
  • Training the scholars to teach Ayurveda principles in academia
  • Exploring the unexplored areas of research in Ayurveda indology
  • Collect, preserve, digitalize, catalogue and publish unpublished medical manuscripts