THEORY: Sensitization to Panchakarma

  • Myths on Panchakarma
  • Knowledge of Panchakarma and Panchashodhana
  • Rukshana Karma
  • Application of Rukshana Karma prior to Panchakarma

PRACTICAL: Institutional Establishment of various Panchakarma sections

  • Foundation of Panchakarma therapy sections
  • Body of General Panchakarma, Special ward Panchakarma and Yogakshema
  • Installation of Paediatric Panchakarma
  • NABH standardized waste management


THEORY: Snehana Karma as a treatment modality – Oleation Therapy

  • Introduction to Snehana
  • Bahya and Antaha Snehana Karma (External an Internal Oleation Therapy)
  • Significance of Diet and Anupana (post diet intake) during Snehapana
  • Snehana for health and diseases

PRACTICAL: Udvartana- Dry herbal powder Massage

  • Pre-operative Procedure
  • Procedure of udvartana
  • Difference in application of various udvartana churna


THEORY: Establishment of Panchakarma Clinic

  • Basic requirements
  • Availability and Utility of ingredients and drugs
  • Organization of Economical Panchakarma
  • Hygiene with respect to therapies, therapists and place

PRACTICAL: Antaha Snehapana- Internal Oleation Therapy

  • Various types of Antaha snehapana
  • Methodology of Snehapana –  Accha, Vicharana and Sadhyo
  • Anupana
  • Instructions and observations during Snehapana


THEORY: Insight on Panchakarma Preoperative procedure

  • Assessment of Koshta – Agni
  • Concept of Deepana Pachana
  • Preparation of the patient and Panchakarma room as per procedure
  • Importance of Purvakarma

PRACTICAL: Abhyanga (Massage) in Paediatric Practice

  • Abhyanga for New born
  • Abhyanga as a regular procedure
  • Abhyanga in various diseases – cerebral palsy, spastic disorders, etc


THEORY: Panchakarma Practice in Paediatrics

  • Difference in practice method of Panchakarma with reference to age
  • Clinical application of Vamanadi karma
  • Selection of upakrama with respect to various disorders
  • Difficulties and challenges in Paediatrics

PRACTICAL:Shiro Abhyanga-  Head Massage Techniques

Shiro Seka

Shiro Pichu

  • Murdhni Taila
  • Various techniques Shiro Abhyanga
  • Detailed Procedure of Shiro Seka and Shiro Pichu
  • Retention and Post-operative procedure


THEORY: Svedana Karma principles and practice – Sudation Therapy

  • Principles of sagni and niragni Sveda
  • Practical consideration in selection of Svedana chikitsa
  • Complications & its management.
  • Current Sudation techniques

PRACTICAL: Shiro Basti – Pooling of Herbal Oil on head

Shiro Talam

  • Methodology and technique in performing the procedures
  • Selection of churna for talam
  • Ingredients required for Talam
  • Retention and Post-operative procedure


THEORY: Panchakarma for rejuvenation and detoxification

  • Importance of Panchakarma in swastha palana.
  • General considerations for Panchakarma Practice
  • Utility in present life style

PRACTICAL: Sarvanga Abhyanga – Whole Body Massage

  • Pre-operative procedure for Abhyanga
  • Practice of Abhyanga as a regular procedure
  • Various massage techniques
  • Cup massage


THEORY: Clinical Application of Vamana Karma (Therapeutic Emesis Therapy)

  • General Consideration before Vamana
  • Challenges faced during the Vamana Karma & its Management.
  • Insight of classical Vamana and Sadhyo Vamana

PRACTICAL: Svedana (Steaming Therapy)

*Bhaspa (Steam Chamber)

*Nadi (Tube method)

*Ishtika (Brick method)

*Arka Patra (Leaves method)

  • Pre-operative procedure for all Svedana Karma
  • Nadi sveda as a sthanika and sarvanga karma
  • Innovated Arka Patra sveda


THEORY: Clinical Application of Virechana Karma (Therapeutic Purgative Therapy)

  • Introduction to Virechana Karma
  • Utility with respect to disease
  • Assessment and importance of shuddhi lakshana
  • Knowledge of modern purgative medications

PRACTICAL: Drava Sveda

(Liquid Steaming Therapy)-

*Parisheka (Pouring of Medicated Liquids)

*Avagaha (Dipping in Medicated Liquids)

  • Ingredients required for drava sveda
  • Various types of drava sveda- Kashaya, taila, ksheera, dhanyamla
  • Preparation and procedure of Parisheka and avagaha

DAY 10

THEORY: Clinical Application of Panchakarma in Mano Vikaras (Mental disorder)

  • An approach to common mental disorders with case study
  • Indications, contraindications, precautions, benefits and clinical experience of Panchakarma in Manasa Roga
  • Successful case reports of vishada, madatyaya, nidranasha

PRACTICAL: Upanaha – Poultices in various diseases

  • Upanaha as a saagni and niragni sveda
  • Various types of upanaha – drug related and procedure related
  • Methodology and retention
  • Paschat Karma

DAY 11

THEORY: Panchakarma in developmental disorders

  • Disease oriented Panchakarma Practice
  • Detailed milestones, ADHD, Anaemia, Jaundice, etc.
  • Limitations

PRACTICAL: Upanaha – Poultices in Paediatric cases

  • Method for selection of Drugs
  • Preparation of upanaha
  • Detailed Procedure

DAY 12

THEORY: Application of Panchakarma in Stree Roga (Gynaecological disorders)

  • Understanding of application of various Panchakarma and upakrama in Stree Roga
  • Successful case reports
  • Interpretation of Gynaecological disorders 

PRACTICAL: Ruksha Pinda Sweda – Dry Items Packs treatment

  • Method of Pottali making
  • Varieties of ingredients used for rukshana – valuka, kolakullata churna, triphala churna and others
  • Ruksha Pinda sveda as Sthanika and sarvanga


DAY 13

THEORY: Practical tips to practice Niruha Basti Karma (Medicated decoction enema therapy)

  • Introduction to Niruha Basti Karma
  • Utility of Karma- Kaala and Yoga Basti Pattern
  • Yapana Basti
  • Basti kalpana with respect to disease

PRACTICAL: Snigdha Pinda Sweda – Wet Items Packs treatment

  • Preparations of various snigdha pinda sveda
  • Clinical applicability of patra pottali, jambeera pinda, shashtika shali,
  • Procedure – Ekanga and sarvanga
  • Paschat Karma

DAY 14

THEORY: Anuvasana Basti Karma (Medicated oil enema therapy)

  • Introduction to Sneha and Matra Basti
  • General Consideration before basti
  • Trividha karma
  • Samyaka-Ayoga-Atiyoga- Vyapat Lakshana and chikitsa

PRACTICAL:Local Basti (Pooling) & modifications

*Jaanu (Knee) /

*Kati (Low Back)/

*Griva (Nape of Neck)

*Prushta (Whole Spine)

  • Concept of sthanika snehana- svedana karma
  • Methodology and modifications
  • Advanced techniques
  • Mode of action

DAY 15

THEORY: Role of Panchakarma in EYE & ENT disorders

  • Significance of Panchakarma in treating and preventing EYE and ENT diseases
  • Indications and contra indications of Panchakarma in Shalakya
  • Role of Panchakarma in promoting health of sense organs
  • Case discussion with success reports

PRACTICAL: Vamana Karma and Dhumapana

-Therapeutic Emesis therapy and Medicated Nasal Smoking

  • Pre- operative procedure – Preparation of yavagu ghrutha and aushadha
  • Classical Vamana karma
  • Method of counting vegas and calculation
  • Procedure of dhumapana

DAY 16

THEORY: Panchakarma and Research

  • Areas of research in Upakrama and Panchakarma
  • Need for research
  • Panchakarma in abroad

PRACTICAL: Virechana Karma & Samsarjana Krama

– Therapeutic Purgative therapy & Diet Regimen

  • Preparation of the patient for virechana karma
  • Various formulations with respect to disease
  • Dos and don’ts during the procedure
  • Preparations of peyadi samsarjana aahara

DAY 17

THEORY:  Utility of Panchakarma in Infertility

  • Application of Vamanadi karma in treating infertility
  • Various kinds of Vandhyatwa and its knowledge

PRACTICAL: Uttara Basti – Enema treatment other than rectal route

  • Pre-operative procedures for Uttara Basti
  • Sterilization method of equipment’s
  • Methodology of Uttara basti
  • Post – operative care  

DAY 18

THEORY: Panchakarma in musculoskeletal disorders

  • Introduction to musculoskeletal diseases.
  • Diseases- Rheumatoid Arthritis, OA, GA, Psoriatic Arthritis, Muscular Dystrophies, GB Syndrome, etc
  • Application Of Upakrama and Panchakarma

PRACTICAL: Basti – Medicated Decoction Enema

  • Ingredients / Instruments required for basti preparation
  • Various methods of preparations
  • Pre-operative procedure
  • Method of administration

DAY 19

THEORY: Post Panchakarma regimen – Do’s and Don’ts after Panchaakarma therapies

  • Parihara Vishaya
  • Parihara Kaala for each Panchakarma
  • Importance of Samsarjana Krama
  • Understanding of Samsarjana Krama

PRACTICAL:Basti – Churna, Lekhana

  • Ingredients required
  • Preparation of basti
  • Benefits

DAY 20

THEORY: Therapeutic outcome of Nasya Karma

 (Errhine Therapy)

  • Utility of classification and various Dosage in Nasya Karma
  • General Consideration before Nasya
  • Choice of Medicine for better outcome
  • Clinical success stories

PRACTICAL: Basti- Ksheera, Piccha

  • Ingredients required
  • Preparation of basti
  • Benefits

DAY 21

THEORY: Selection of Panchakarma in neurological ailments

  • Introduction to vata Dosha and nuerological disorders.
  • Selection of Panchakarma
  • Importance of Basti Karma
  • Diseases- Stroke, Traumatic brain injuries, Parkinsonism, Bell’s palsy, Low back ache, Sciatica, Trigeminal neuralgia, etc.

PRACTICAL:Green Tea Basti

  • Contemporarised Niruha Basti
  • Ingredients, preparation
  • Benefits

DAY 22

THEORY: Recent Advances in Panchakarma instrumentation and Procedures

  • Need for instrumentation
  • Modifications in procedures
  • Remunerations of modifications

PRACTICAL: Anuvasana Basti / Matra Basti – Medicated Oil Enema

  • Pre-operative procedure
  • Clinically practiced Taila and ghrita yogas
  • Method of administration
  • Post-operative procedure

DAY 23

THEORY: Role of Panchakarma in Pranavaha Sroto Dushti

  • Introduction to Pranavaha Srotas
  • Diseases afflicated with pranavaha Srotas
  • Avastha anusara Bahir and Antaha Chikitsa
  • Trace of modern diseases and Limitations.

PRACTICAL: Nasya Karma- Errhine Therapy

  • Nasya karma as a dinacharya
  • Various preparations of Nasya aushadhi
  • Methodology
  • Paschat karma

DAY 24

THEORY: Panchakarma in metabolic disorders

  • Introduction to metabolic disorders.
  • Avasthiki Chikitsa
  • Application of  Upakramas
  • Diseases- Sthoulya, Diabetes Mellitus, Hypertension, etc.

PRACTICAL: Raktamokshana- Bloodletting techniques

  • Pre investigation before rakta mokshana karma
  • Leech therapy
  • Needle method
  • Post-operative procedure

DAY 25

THEORY: Panchakarma and Research

  • Areas of research in Upakrama and Panchakarma
  • Need for research
  • Panchakarma in abroad

PRACTICAL: Oushadi Kalpana used in Panchakarma – Ayurvedic Medicaments preparation Methods

  • Generally used taila and ghrita preparation method

DAY 26

THEORY: Ahara Kalpana used in Panchakarma

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